2016-17 End of the Year Library Wrap-up

It was a fantastic year in the halls of CSS, and the library was no exception to that!

Some highlights:

  • the library circulated 11, 757 books in the 2016-17 school year
  • the Book Fair netted $2824.21 in new books for the library
  • the CSS OBOB tournament was totally epic- and the teams that made it to regionals were some of our best competitors ever!
  • Rock the Doc films
  • CSSS! students created an amazing end of the year slideshow and 8th grade promotion slideshow
  • 3rd grade fables– move over Aesop!
  • the Book Swap put 1,183 books in the hands of CSS students

Have a fabulous summer CSS! And remember to read, read, read.


Fabulous Third Grade Fables!

3rd graders have been listening to, analyzing, and writing fables over the past several months. Click on the links below and enjoy reading some of their original fable writing.


The Ant and the Magic Pump

The Cat and the Parrot

The Chicken and the Goat

Daniel the Chicken and Eli the Lion

The Dog and the Crow


The Kitten and the Woodpecker

The Lion and the Cat

The Owl and the Bunny

The Panda and the Tiger

The Sloth and the Bear

The Sloth and the Cheetah

The Sloth and the Raccoon


The Berry

The Deer, the Moose, the Big Bad Wolf

The Dog and the Cat

Monkey and the Bee

The Polka Dot Pig

The Sassy Peacock and the Amazing Lion

The Shark

The Tree and the Fox

The Two Gorillas

Turkey and Turtle

The Wolf and the Fox 

The Wolf and the Pig

The Woods


First Post!

Welcome to the brand new Creative Science School Library website!

Isn’t summer great? So far, I have spent time reading, laughing with family and friends, and cooking (and eating) some tasty food. I have also begun to create this website for the CSS library! My hope is that it is fully functional and awesome by the beginning of the school year.

I have also spent time reflecting on last year and the wonderful things that happened in the library. Some of the projects that really stand out are the documentaries that Mid-Level students produced over the course of the last quarter. You can view those here.