Rock the Doc Daily Schedule and Assignments


4/16 Homework- Sharing is Caring survey

Daily Schedule


4/16  Class Overview; Agreements

4/17  Definition of documentaries; watch “Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth”

Not shown: “China’s Web Junkies” and “San Quentin’s Giants

4/18  Finish “Papers”  and discuss

4/19 Discuss “Papers”; watch The War on Guns”, “The Scamlot” and take notes on what makes them effective

4/20  Learn doc vocab; watch “The Great Gun Debate”,“Animal Rights”, “Hypebeast: a Lifestyle Documentary” and analyze

4/23  Choosing a topic. Use these resources to help you:

World Book Online   Choose Student, and then find it by topic

Newela   Browse articles

Science News for Students  Browse articles and videos

CNN 10  Watch news segments

Youth Radio  Read/listen to stories

StudentCam  Watch docs of past winners