Rock the Doc Daily Schedule and Assignments


11/13 Homework- Sharing is Caring survey

11/21-11/26  Homework- Watch some documentaries! Some suggestions:

  • docs made for this class (links found on the main Rock the Doc page)

  • doc recommendation spreadsheet


Daily Schedule


11/13  Class Overview; Agreements; StudentCam Intro

11/14  Review agreements; Watch “Move Mountains”, “Enchanted Way”, “Mother’s Day”, Sriracha- watch w/ Amazon Prime

11/15  Watch award winning StudentCam films- what makes them effective? “Education and Incarceration” “US Gun Violence: A Complicated Puzzle” “The Tempest Tossed”

11/16   Watch and analyze more StudentCam winners “Gun Control” “Freedom of Speech: A Memory” “Gauging the Wage Gap

11/17 Learn Doc VocabUS Constitution Intro; Resources: World Book Online (Choose Student and then search for US Constitution), Mr. Nussbaum, Annenberg Classroom

11/20  Narrowing down topics

11/21  Choosing a topic; begin proposal