Rock the Doc Daily Schedule and Assignments


10/31 Homework- Survey

Daily Schedule


10/30  Class Overview; Agreements

10/31  Approve agreements; Documentary Definitions; StudentCam Intro

11/1 Watch Living On One Dollar

11/2  Finish Living On One Dollar; reflection


11/5  Watch and analyze StudentCam winners; “Old Enough to Fight, Old Enough to Vote” Grand Prize Winner 2018, “The Electoral College: A Flawed System” Middle School Third Prize Winner 2018; CSS student film TBD

11/6  Watch and analyze StudentCam winners;“Survival of the Veiled Face: The Constitutionality of Abortion” 1st Prize MS Winner 2018, “The Headline Debate”  2nd Prize MS Winner 2018; CSS student film TBD

11/7  Topic exploration. Resources:

11/8  Choosing a topic; starting project proposal

11/13  Finish project proposal

11/14-11/16  Complete proposal; send out interview requests

11/26-12/7 Research and complete Graphic Organizer

World Book Online; Newsela; OSLIS

12/10-12/14  Complete script, storyboard, find stock footage

1/2-1/9  Film and record voiceovers